Our Fit Process

Our Fit Process

The South Jersey Running Companies “Right-Fit Process”
Our trained store personnel follow our “Right-Fit Process” to make sure you get the right shoe:
1. Determine purpose – walking, jogging, running, gym?
2. Gather information on you – previous shoes, injuries, inserts, shoe wear, fitness level, goals, etc.
3. Foot Shape – arches, width of heal, forefoot, overall width and length
4. Arch Strength – determine if your arches need extra support
5. Gait Analysis – degree of supination or pronation.
6. Shoe Selection – try on as many shoes as you like. Test them in the store or on the street.
7. 14-Day Return – if you are not happy with your “Right-Fit Shoes” – bring them back for exchange or store credit.

We carry only the best running and walking shoes!

The South Jersey Running Companies carry only Top Quality Shoes that are designed with the most advanced techniques, designs and materials. Why buy top quality shoes rather than a pair of $30 shoes at a big box store?

These shoes position your feet to naturally absorb the shock that ripples through your 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments and help all of these parts do their jobs.
High-performance cushioning that absorbs the shock of the road whether you are an all-state runner or a weekend walker.
Wrap your feet in comfort with the best in mid-sole design, cushioning and uppers that hug your feet with breathable, advanced fabrics.
Why you need the South Jersey Running Companies “Right-Fit Process” for your Shoes

Walking puts up to 1.5 times your bodyweight on your foot. Running puts up to 7 times your bodyweight each time your feet strike the ground.
Your feet log approximately 1,000 miles per year (without running).
As shock absorbers, feet cushion up to one million pounds of pressure during one hour of strenuous exercise.
Needless to say, your choice in shoes is important – not only for your feet, but also the calves, shins, knees, hips and back. These high quality shoes are designed to buffer from impact.

Return Policy

Here at the RunningCo. of South Jersey, it is our goal to fit each customer personally for the correct shoe. If the customer is dissatisfied with their shoes or the shoes are defective, our return policy allows you to return the shoe within fourteen days (with receipt and original box) in exchange for either store credit or another pair of shoes. Regularly priced clothing purchases may be returned for full refund with receipt. All clearance footwear and clothing item sales are final, but may be exchanged for size if available.